Lappish village

Lappish village (Sami village)

Meeting with indigenous people Murmansk region. Lappish village ("Sam’ Syyt") is located 110 m to the city of Murmansk. Lapps (or Saamy or Sami) are indigenous people of the Murmansk region, as well as northern Norway, Sweden and Finland. The number of Sami in Russia less than two thousand people. And the most amazing thing that is approximately equal their own home for over a hundred years, the number of people. Their houses are snowy expanses of tundra, through which here and there, scattered beautiful, crystal-clear lakes, and the most loyal and reliable companion - reindeer, which is both a means of transportation and a source of skins used for clothing and home insulation. The Sami people were semi-nomadic, moving with their herds from place to place. In addition to breeding deer the main occupation of the Sami were hunting, fishing and berry picking. In order to survive in the harsh conditions of the North, Sami learned to subdue the forces of nature. To do this, Sami shamans (Noida), made secret mystical rites. In the last century due to the industrial development of the Kola Peninsula Sami tradition started to wane, many Sami families have been evicted from their places of permanent residence, which also affected the image of their lifestyle, but lately some Sami families return to the traditional way of Sami life - reindeer breeding, fishing, worship of natural elements.