Veliky Novgorod the cradle of the Russian state

1 day

- - - Arrival at Veliky Novgorod - - -

 The Excursion to The Novgorod Kremlin:

  • St. Sophia Cathedral of the 11th century
  • The Bell Tower of the 16th century at St. Sophia Cathedral
  • Ancient bells of Veliky Novgorod of the 16-17th century
  • The Episcopal Chamber
  • Bronze Magdeburg gates of the 12th century
  • The Millennium of Russia monument the Russian state encyclopedia made in bronze.
  • Chamber of Facets: Gothic hall and vaulted chamber.
    The Gold Rooms exhibition jewelers art of the 6-19th century.
  • The Battle course excursion - a trip across walls of the ancient Kremlin from the Bell Tower to the Dvortsovaya, Spasskaya and Knyazheskaya Tower.
    Visiting of the Dvortsovaya Tower and the exposition of the Novgorodians battles in 12-17th century. Here you will see the battle of the natives of Novgorod and Suzdal, Lithuaninan campaign by the Novgorodians, and also armors and weapons of the Russian warriors of those days.

 Yaroslavs Court and ancient Trade.
Sightseeing of the key architecture samples of the 12-17th century. White arcade of the hospitable court, ancient Trade, Hanseatic fountain.

- - - Dinner - - -

 Outstanding, bright show Medieval fun (1,5 hours).

2 day

 Country excursion The life of the Russian country-side:

  • Ethnographic museum Vitoslavlitsy of the 1619th century marvelous wooden architecture samples of the Russian North especially carved patterns of churches, peasants log huts (izba), chapels.
  • Visiting of peasants log huts (izba) life style and customs of the Russian peasants. Everything resembles the Russian folk tales. If you with you can see animals of the household yard in the museum.
  • Exhibition visiting at the country estate of Countess Anna Orlova-Chesmenskaya.

- - - Dinner - - -

 Entertaining musical show Kalinka, kalinka moya (1,5-2 hours).

 Motor ship sail along the Volkhov river with call at Lake Ilmen.. Sight from water at the ancient architectural monuments: Rurikovo Gorodische, the Savior Church on Nedritsa and Saint Nicholas Church on Lipno Island, Peryn Chapel.

- - - Departure from Veliky Novgorod - - -