The tour of the only Russian Amber Museum

The Amber Museum is the museum of a single mineral. The exhibition is located on three floors of a building, the size of which is about 1000 square meters. The exhibition consists of amber samples differing in weight, colour spectrum and clarity.

Here you can see the largest amber in Russia; its weight is 4 kg 280 grams.

A large part of the exhibition consists of amber samples with remains of animals and plants that were stuck in the liquid and viscous tar tens of millions of years ago.

Another part of the exhibition is adornments and household objects made of amber from the Neolithic Period (IV-II centuries BC) to present day. The Museum holds artifacts found in the Kaliningrad region during the excavations of the relics of II-V centuries AD – the time of intensive trade with the Roman Empire. There is a large amount of unrefined amber intended for sale in the settlements of that time.

Next is the tour of the monument of military architecture – Fort No. 5.

Being one of the most interesting landmarks of the region, this place attracts both tourists and locals. These days not many forts of Kaliningrad are open to the public. Here you can walk under the vaults of the legendary fortification, explore its rooms, courtyards and shelters, see the exhibition of rare military photographs called The Assault of Königsberg and visit the open exhibition of weaponry from World War II.